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Patient Assistance Programs

As an innovator in pharmaceutical research, development and marketing, Ferring Inc. strives to ensure that all patients have access to their medications.

Here you can locate the forms for 3 of our programs.

The Firmagon®+ Patient Support Program offers a full spectrum of program services for integrated patient care through our partners at NavieGo, including patient injection services, reimbursement navigation, pharmacy coordination and more.
Enrollment forms must be completed by the prescribing physician and faxed to 1-866-963-6488 or emailed to info@firmagonplus.ca.

For more information or questions, please contact the program directly by phone 1-866-287-6488 or email info@firmagonplus.ca. Our Firmagon+ bilingual representatives are available Monday to Friday from 8 am- 8 pm EST.

For the province of Nova Scotia specifically, the Firmagon Patient Support Program is under the provision of MyRxCare. The link to the Online Enrollment Platform used in Nova Scotia is: https://myrx.care/en/ferring. To enter, use FIRM2023#. For any further assistance on using this online platform, please contact Ann.Bailly@MyRx.Care


The Patient Assistance Program (PAP) and Infertility Oncology Patient Assistance Program (IOPAP) are formalized processes for the supply of Ferring products for Canadian patients who have been prescribed one of our medications. The PAP program is for those patients that are unable to purchase the drugs due to financial limitations and the IOPAP program is to help support those who are going through infertility treatments and have been diagnosed with cancer.

To be considered for this program, patients and their physicians are required to complete the PAP or IOPAP application forms, as applicable, and submit to Ferring Inc. via email, mail or fax, together with all required documents.

Updates to the PAP and IOPAP will be made throughout the year. It is suggested to continually check this page to ensure the product being requested remains available.

Upon completion of the applicable forms (both physician and patient sections), please send them by mail, fax or email to the coordinates below.

FERRING Patient Assistance Program
200 Yorkland Blvd
Suite 500
Toronto, ON M2J 5C1
Attn: Patient Assistance Program Coordinator

Fax: (416) 642-1656

Email: pap@ferring.com


Ferring Canada
200 Yorkland Boulevard, Suite 500
Toronto, Ontario, M2J 5C1 

Tel:  +1 416 490 0121 or +1 800 263 4057
Fax: 416 493 1692