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Ferring Canada supports different healthcare stakeholders as well as non-profit organizations through Sponsorship and Grants. External stakeholders are encouraged to submit their requests by using the Grant Application Review Form. We are also encouraging any applicant to consult the Useful Definitions section below.

In cases when a Healthcare Professional or representative of an organization has questions on the application process or requests for clarification on how to complete the Grant Application Form, they should direct their questions and completed applications to the Grants Coordinator at grants.canada@ferring.com.

Upon review of an unsolicited request, Ferring Canada’s Grants Committee may approve with full or partial funding, and with any terms or conditions the Committee deems reasonable or necessary, seeking and receiving legal advice as appropriate. If the Grants Committee identifies in a fiscal year where there are no sufficient funds to pay for an approved Grant, they may defer funding until sufficient funds subsequently become available and will inform the applicant accordingly.


Award of a Grant from Ferring would not impose in any way an obligation, expressed or implied, on the recipient or any other person or entity to use, purchase, order, prescribe, influence the use or pricing of, or arrange for the use, purchase or prescription of a Ferring product, provide favorable formulary status for, or otherwise support Ferring in commercializing its products.


Ferring employees do not solicit applications for Sponsorships or Grants.

Documentation Requirements for Submissions

• Completed Application Form*
• Letter of request on organization letterhead*
• Detailed program agenda/description/brochure 
• Documentation on organization
• Confirmation of charitable/non-for-profit status
• Description of governance (Board of Directors, Management etc)
• Declaration of conflicts of interest
• Description of how funds will be spent

Requests for Educational Programs or activities require submission of the above and must also include:
• Needs assessment
• Learning objectives
• Accredited Provider Letter of Accreditation, if applicable

* mandatory

Documentation must be submitted 45 days prior to the activity date

Useful definitions:

“Grant” – A voluntary award of funds, products, services and/or assets (tangible or intangible) by Ferring to a worthy and eligible recipient in support of an activity consistent with Ferring’s mission (corporate, social responsibility, educational, etc.). A Grant is distinguished from a fee for service activity in that a Grant is support provided for an activity having a primary purpose not to benefit Ferring (although recognition of support may result). A fee for service activity is one in which the primary purpose is to benefit Ferring and would not be supported or undertaken without the expectation of such benefit.

“Educational Grant” – A Grant in support of an Educational Program and/or Materials. A group or organization may sometimes refer to support of an Educational Program and/or Materials as a Grant, Sponsorship, Conference Sponsorship, Membership, or other term without applying the same definitions used by Ferring.

“Sponsorship” – A Grant made in support of a specific event or activity, or specific set of events or activities, such as a scientific or professional meeting, a community health fair, health screening program, or similar, organized or managed by an eligible recipient group or organization.

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