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Our history

In two rented rooms in Malmö, Sweden, Dr. Frederik Paulsen founded Nordiska Hormon Laboratoriet in 1950, which in 1954 changed its name to Ferring. He named the company after the strong, closely-knit community of people originating from the island Föhr who called themselves Feringers, and spoke Fering.

World leader in peptide hormones

Ferring became a pioneer in developing and selling pharmaceutical products based upon natural, pituitary-produced peptide hormones. Dr. Paulsen was convinced that these new compounds could be used to supplement deficiencies and correct abnormalities, thus playing an invaluable role in the treatment of life-threatening conditions.

Five decades later, Dr. Paulsen's predictions have proved remarkably accurate. Today, peptides from Ferring are widely used in Ferring's treatments.







2010 - Ferring’s 60th anniversary

A scientist ahead of his time


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